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Jannat Performing Arts is a dance troupe of diverse dancers that was formed to fill the cultural gaps between the Eastern and Western worlds through dance while promoting unity and diversity in our society. The aim of this troupe is to create filmy-fusion dance productions that amalgamate traditional and modern South Asian dance forms with contemporary Western dance styles.


Jannat dancers stem from all nationalities and dance backgrounds, and these dancers aspire to unite various communities by promoting cultural diversity through their passion for dance. The dancers hope to make an impact with their art by contributing to various charities and empower with their movement while inspiring people.

Choreographers of Jannat Performing Arts have been recognized in the filmy-fusion inter-university competitive dance circuit with accolades such as Best Indian Classical, Best Bollywood, Best Costumes and People’s Choice Awards. Jannat has been contributing to the Ottawa community by engaging people with dance workouts, dance classes, event entertainment and fundraising for social causes.

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